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Mou Lunhai

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Title : Associate Professor

Second-level Discipline : History of International Relations 


Education Background

2004.9-2009.7 Chinese Classics Major, School of Philosophy, Wuhan University, Bachelor of Arts

2009.9-2011.7 History of International Relations Major, School of History, Wuhan University, Master of History

2011.9-2014.7 International Studies Major, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS), Waseda University, Doctor of International Studies

2014.12-2016.12 Post-doctoral Faculty Fellowship Program, School of History, Wuhan University

2016.12- Associate Professor, School of History, Wuhan University,


Research Field 

Intercultural Studies, Foreign Culture Policy of Japan, Studies of U.S.-Japan Cultural Relations


Representative Research Projects

1. China's Post-doctoral Science FundStudy of Reorganization of Japan’s Foreign Culture Policy in the Post-war Years (1945-1972), Project Number10CSS004

2. (participation) National Social Science Fund : Specific Construction Project about Study of Anti-Japanese War (Collection, Regulation, Study of Archivals and Materials of World Anti-Fascist War [including China's War of Resistance]), Project Number6KZD020


Representative Scientific Achievements

1Academic Monograph

Japan’s Foreign Culture Policy in the Postwar Years: Focusing on the Exploration of Reorganization from 1952 to 72, Waseda University Academic Series 45th, (Waseda University Press, 2016).

2Research Papers

 “Reorganization and Development of Japan’s Foreign Culture Policy in the Postwar Years (1952-1972): The Case Study of the Society of International Cultural Relations (KBS) in the Postwar Years”, Journal of the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, vol.26, 2013.

 “The Formation, Function and Limitation of the U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange”, World History, vol.1, 2016.

 “Attempts and Limitations of Japan’s Culture Diplomacy’s Non-governmentalization in the Postwar Years”, Wuhan University Journal (Philosophy & Social Sciences), vol.3, 2016.

 “Study of Japan Society’s Culture Power Idea in the period of Allied Occupation”, Japan Studies, vol.2, 2016.